i can't remember what day it is. i am totally entrenched in work. it feels like a thursday to me. i just want to get in bed and go to sleep and wake up and go back to work tomorrow morning for more of the same. tonight's not even a bad night. tomorrow and thursday night, oh, i better pace myself.

today i ran. i wore my new running shorts for the first time. they feel pretty nice, feels like i'm not wearing anything south of the border. i was kind of self-conscious at first but once i started running i really appreciated the lighter load. yes julie, it really does make a difference! now i don't think i can ever go back to regular shorts again when i run. speaking of julie, originally we were scheduled to run after work, but she was stuck in rhode island and i asked if we could postpone it until next week, since i'm super busy this week. nevertheless, i still got my share of running, because i thought a nice run would reduce some work stress (it did, but very little). however, this was an asterisked run, with multiple stops with my two running partners james and amanda. i really don't like to stop when i run. it's hard to get started again once i stop. not even to stop to get some water, or stop to do pushups and situps. i run dehydrated, i run hungry, i run to exhaustion.

after work it was just mandy and me left in the office. we decided to grab some dinner at boca grande, even though i had a b.g. burrito last night (last night feels like last week, my days seem so long now). i had the colorado chicken entree, mandy had the taco grande. this was my second time eating at boca grande after work, the other time with john miller when he first started working at srm. i wish boca grande had more selection though, but then i guess it wouldn't be a cheap eat and would lose some of its minimalistic charm. mandy and i talked about italian men, living at home, and apartment hunting. we parted ways, mandy going to see the place she'll be living at in the near future, me going back to the office to do some more work.

all day long i was trying to help mark hickey figure out why his powerbook still doesn't work, even after i installed the newest system onto his machine. we figured out it has something to do with his version of macpoet for the dsl not being compatible with os 9. when he installed os 8 onto his powerbook it hosed the machine because powerbooks only run with os 9 and above. so when i left the office at 10pm i left a copy of os 9.1 on the doorstep and he drove by all the way from brighton to pick it up (by then i was already long gone). his machine booted fine, and now we're waiting to see if the new version of macpoet will work with os 9. another case coming to a close.

ah, the last day of july. it went by pretty quickly. onwards to august, the final month of the summer before autumn begins (autumn being my favorite season, followed by spring). looking back on all the entries, i see it's been a full month, not too bad. let's hope august is more of the same. in august i hope to transition this website to a bigger server space too, 100mb instead of the 10mb i have now. that means probably bigger photos instead of just thumbnails. i'm also going to break up the logs so that all the entries for one single month doesn't all appear on a single page. i know some of you with slower connections, it takes forever to load the site, especially towards the end of the month when the html document alone approaches 200k of download, not to mention the various thumbnail photos.