better start getting use to it. next two weeks i'm going to be pulling a lot of late nights at the office. i put in a 13 hour day today, left work at 10pm. i felt burned out, but it was a pretty good feeling. put in a good day's worth of work, one of the best feelings in the world, even if it does mean sacrificing primo personal time.

i microwaved a can of boston baked beans i've been saving up at work for emergency food. i almost didn't eat it because i was having a hard time using the can opener. i only got the can half opened, and i had to pry the lip open with a fork and then used my hands to bend back the metal lid still attached to the can. the whole time i was thinking, this is the part of the story where i tragically slice open my fingers. fortunately it didn't happen. so into the microwave went my bowl of beans. a minute later i heard a popping sound while i was working on the computer and ran to the kitchen to see what appeared to be a legume slaughterhouse inside the microwave. apparently the beans were boiling and started splattering and making a mess. the beans tasted fine, but my problem with beans is they smell a lot better than they taste, and after a few bites i'm usually full, which was the case tonight. i ended up not finishing by bowl of beans.

today i also saw paula's nikon 995, which she had to return because of a few stuck pixels on the ccd. after seeing some sample shots, i totally agree with her decision to return the camera. it was fun playing with the camera for a few minutes though. kind of weird, but i've come around some pretty high tech gadgets in the office! i'm reminded of when allie got her new 2001 ibook and i was lucky enough to play around with that a little bit too.

amanda, feeling slighted that she didn't know any jokes friday afternoon when everyone was exchanging their favorite jokes, apparently did some joke research over the weekend and came back monday on a mission to impress us with her slew of funny stories. i can clearly see you're nuts. later, she revealed to me that her british friends use the taboo c-word for a part of the female anatomy with reckless abandon but get morally outraged when they hear the word fanny, which to them is far more obscene. oh really? then i guess granny fanny would make them move back across the pond.

also, when i got home, what did i do to break the tension of a long work day? can boys and girls say online shopping? i went to oldnavy.com and bought $60 worth of merchandise. why $60? because i get a free old navy lunch bag if i spend that much! who's the free stuff whore? i bought a pair of red gym pants. this by no means ends my holy fashion quest to find a pair of dressy red pants, but it's better than nothing.

it happened at the trucks, this guy forgot his change and the man inside was shouting, "excuse me! excuse me!" suddenly four different guys including myself started using our attention calls, each one different. mine was "dude!...dude!..." the others: "hey man!" or "yo!" or "hey!" i don't know which is more shocking: that it took the combined efforts of 5 different guys to get that one other guy to turn back and remember he forgot his change, or the fact that somehow i'm using surfing lingo to get people's attention. maybe i'm living on the wrong coast.