ever since hearing the exploits of sergio and his pair of attention-grabbing red pants, i can't seem to shake the idea of owning a pair of my very own. so on this day, my partner in crime office manager amanda and i walked in the noontime rain to the fabled garment district, mere minutes from our office. after a lengthy search, we could not find a pair of red pants for me. we did see some red pants for women of various fashionable lengths and cuts, but even if i wanted to, they were nothing i could pull off in terms of wearing. i guess they don't make a lot of red pants for men. so the search continues.

in the meantime, we tried on some various articles of clothing. i sampled this psychedelic looking see-through shirt, amanda tried on this nice looking half denim jacket. we also hit the shoes section. if you're looking for hoochie shoes for the ladies, make the garment district a stop on your list of places to visit. i even bought a pair of used doc martens for $18, just something to wear when i ride (it's bad form to wear thick soled sneakers on a motorcycle).

my adventure with shoes did not end there however. no, far from it. by late afternoon, in a bout of decaffeinated coffee inspired friskiness, i asked to borrow amanda's platforms so i could try them out. i wanted to know what the hype was all about, what exactly is the big deal about platforms? platforms, which i personally think are very ugly shoes. so i slip them on and know what? they're actually pretty comfortable! i thought maybe it'd be like walking on stilts, but it's the complete opposite. they were pretty soft, cushioned, and walking around i didn't feel like i'd teeter over like i would on heels (don't ask how i know this).

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pair of platforms