i try to do something exciting or memorable everyday so the day won't be wasted. today, that didn't happen. monday went by with nothing particularly noteworthy happening. of course being a monday i did my usual noontime ran, today with james and meghan, all other party members either couldn't make it or didn't show up. we started at the same pace but we each run at different speeds so by the time we crossed the mass ave bridge everyone went their separate ways. once again, an asterisked run because i started to have some chest pains crossing the overpass to longfellow, and i walked across the bridge instead of running it.

this week is going to go by fast, with wednesday being the 4th of july. i'm thinking about coming in to work because 1) i have nothing else planned, 2) i have a lot of coding to do, 3) i can run my usual 3 miles during lunch (if there isn't too many people parked on the charles waiting for the concert and fireworks), and 4) after work i can walk down to the river and watch some fireworks.

no, actually there was some excitement today. i went to the cafe and rode the motorcycle home because my father had left it there. first time riding without gloves. i don't know why i wear gloves when i ride. i guess it's to protect my hands in case of stray road pebbles, and when i learned to ride i wore them so i guess it just became a habit.

also, starting today we have an exchange student from taiwan living in the guest bedroom, the 20 year old son of one of my father's friends. he's here in boston to attend some summer school courses. times like this though, i wish i had my own place. it really isn't none of my business since this isn't my house, and i have no say in the matter, but it feels a little weird. and then next month we have another visitor, a 19 year old taiwanese cousin whom i am not very close to, coming to boston to visit and see the world a little bit before he goes back home and goes to college. this house is starting to become a regular foreign exchange student youth hostel!

i'm planning on getting up early tomorrow morning and biking to work. the few hours i come in early, the peaceful quietness of the office, is very conducive to good programming. so after i write this and do my 200 bicycle crossover crunches, i'm off to bed. nothing good on television anyway.