a.i. is a good piece of filmmaking. with the combined talents of steven spielberg and stanley kubrick, it'd be hard for the movie to miss. major spoiler alert! comments:
  • something oedipal this way comes! david seems a little bit too preoccupied with winning his mother's love, even to the extent of killing another android dave in a fit of jealous robotic rage. by the way, frances o'connor is very convincing in the movie as a mother torn between loving her real son and her robot boy. the only other movie i've seen her in was bedazzled, and she was okay in that. but in a.i., she's pretty good.
  • there were a few disturbing moments in the movie, but the one that i found to be most disturbing is destroying the androids in the arena -- fired through a cannon, torn apart, coated with acid, sliced in half with a chainsaw, etc. reminds me of those transformer cartoons where it was okay to kill off robots but not humans so you'd never see a human die but robots could get blow up without an repurcussions.
  • jude law as gigolo joe is the best character in the entire movie! his very first scene where he's seducing a client was just so great. i kind of wish i could see a whole movie where he was the main character. "the adventures of gigolo joe"!
  • the movie was very consistent in tone until the end of the movie, when suddenly the alien element is introduced, and the tone of the movie suddenly changed. aliens as a plot device is akin to the out-of-style hand of god explanation. people are more apt to believe the miracles of aliens than those of an omnipotent diety. at times the alien ending seems too much out of place, but i was so engrossed in the film, i would've believed anything just to see a happy ending.
  • hey, aliens, you can't clone a human being out of rootless hair snippets! unless they figured out a way to do it without dna, i'm calling this a mistake.
  • the scene in the robot parts dump, where all these broken androids come to visit at night to scavenge for body parts, was almost like some scene from a zombie movie! severed arms, detachable jaws, maybe it's some sort of undead homage!
  • oh steven spielberg! he knows how to pull those heartstrings. several scenes in the film almost made me cry. when monica activates david and imprints herself so he will love her unconditionally. when david's mommy has to abandon him in the forest.
if you're only seeing a few summer movies, add this to your list. it's smart scifi, which are hard to come by in these days of "it needs a few action sequences to sell." although i still think sixth sense was haley joel osment's best film, a.i. comes a close second. and if nothing else, you will piss your pants laughing on how great jude law is!