after buying an istanbul tour guide book, i came home and ordered online my ticket for turkey (after discussing it with ayse of course, thanks for the hot tips!). i'm flying sweet klm, royal dutch airlines. there's no turning back now, my vacation has been set. the itinerary:

Dep. BOS (22 SEP 01 1845) - Arr. AMS (23 SEP 01 0735) on KL6038
Dep. AMS (23 SEP 01 0935) - Arr. IST (23 SEP 01 1405) on KL1613
Dep. IST (08 OCT 01 0600) - Arr. AMS (08 OCT 01 0840) on KL1610
Dep. AMS (08 OCT 01 1415) - Arr. BOS (08 OCT 01 1610) on KL6037

hey, two visits to amsterdam to boot! which is entirely wasted on someone like me, a straight arrow. perhaps i can get some photo ops from my connecting destination, so it won't be a total loss.

it's kind of weird making plans so far into the future. this trip won't happen until 3 months later. that pre-trip excitement hasn't really hit me yet.

i'll have a lot of time to prepare i suppose. bone up on some turkish history, figure out my special vacation photo pose, buy some traveling necessities. i'm kind of itching to buy a new laptop though, the apple ibook, the $2000 model with the cdrw/dvd drive. i already have a powerbook 3400 which i took with me to china last year (i need a laptop as a storage device for my daily digital photos), but my father has sort of made that machine his and i'd hate to take it away from him. i like the ibook better because it's light, which makes it the perfect traveling laptop. the 3400 is heavy, like lugging around a big rock. one thing about the ibook i don't like is the small hard drive, only 10gb. but for a 2 week trip, 10gb means i have to take more than a complete cd's worth of photos everyday (650mb) before i run out of space. i highly doubt that's going to happen. i'm waiting for the macworld expo at the end of the summer though. hopefully apple with introduce new models of the ibook, some color models (if i do buy an ibook, i don't want white).