it's just not fair. my old company, which laid me off over 6 months ago (at the time it wasn't officially classified as a layoff), issued another set of layoffs today. rumor has it the staff has been reduced by 50%. it feels sickeningly horrible knowing that friends in the company are getting sacked. they're not going to be able to sleep tonight. to think, a year ago, we were one big happy dot-com family. it just makes it so crystal clear why business and friendship should never mix. problems don't surface when the money is good, but when times are tough, that's when things like loyalty goes right out the window. i totally sympathize with all these new people who join the ranks of the recently laid off. i've been there, i know how it feels, and doesn't feel good. it shouldn't come as too big a surprise though -- this has been just another in a series of layoffs. all the signs were there, anyone who thought it wasn't going to happen again must either be very optimistic or just didn't read the conditions right. or just unlucky, didn't get out in time. i can't imagine what kind of work place it must be now. working, not knowing if today might be your last day, feeling guilty that you still have a job, but also relieved at the same time that you managed to survive another layoff. i wonder which is worse: being laid off or having to stick around to watch things worsen?

getting cut, although it feels like the end of the world, really isn't. as a layoff survivor, i am living proof. the first few months after i got sacked, i still yearned for my old company. now, there is no more yearning. i'm glad i'm not there anymore. i'm relieved i have a new job. and i hope all my laid off friends find work as soon as possible so we can all look upon this chapter in our lives and have a bittersweet laugh about it.