in the week that she's been here, annie's mother has just about seen every single boston attraction there is: harvard university, MIT, copley square, trinity church, boston public library, isabella stewart gardner museum, museum of fine arts, boston aquarium, quincy market, haymarket, north end. there's not much to see after that so i wasn't surprised that she was home today. around 11am however, she went out again. i asked her where, she said to attend annie's presentation, which apparently is opened to the public.

i had a salad for lunch. there were intermittent periods of what looked to be storm clouds but most of the heavy rain won't get here until the evening. so i biked down to the cafe to help my father with the malfunctioning smart plug. the plug was completely dead, no amount of button press would bring it back to life. fortunately i had 3 spare smart plugs, unused, still in the box, and i replaced the broken one with a new one. my father needs the smart plug to remotely power his repeater setup.

i disassembled the broken smart plug after i came home. it'd been glued together, so it took a bit of brute force to finally open up the plastic casing. the first thing i saw was scorch marks on the inner casing facing one of the prongs. further examination showed that the solder on the load in (L-IN) contact had melted off. otherwise nothing else seemed damaged on the inside. i think if we resoldered that connection, the plug could work again (a little ugly, but working nonetheless).

annie's mother returned home around 4pm. i got a chance to talk with her about her visit to the MFA yesterday. she was really impressed with the museum, particularly the fact that it was so empty, unlike museums back in china where they're always crowded.

annie didn't get home until 9pm, must've gone out to dinner with office mates in celebration of their project completion and people leaving. later in the evening she asked me if i had a tape measure as she was trying to figure out box dimensions for her stuff. she received my e-mail about the college moving services, said she'll use one of them.