with a serious rainstorm arriving at around 2pm this afternoon, i rode the motorcycle down to greater boston motorsports in arlington this morning to get my bike re-inspected (inspect sticker expires end of may). i stopped at the mass ave speedway to get some gas first (2.381 gallons, $6.57).

the same guy who inspected it last week came out, tested the front brake light, saw it turned on, gave me a pass, already had the new inspection sticker in hand. i asked him how much to replace the front tire, as he told me last time it was close to needing a replacement. he said it was a standard tire, and he thought they already had a few in stock, tire's about $80, plus another $50 for labor. i had a number in my head closer to $300 so this seemed like a bargain.

i went upstairs to the parts department to see if they had the tire. i don't replace tires very often so when the guy asked me what kind of tire i had, i had no idea. i went downstairs to take some photos and returned with the info: dunlop D404 front 110/90-19 M/C 62H. they just happened to have the exact same tire. the tire cost $79.37, plus another $19.95 for a new inner tube. i paid and they put the parts on reserve. i then went back downstairs to scheduled an appointment for friday morning. the whole thing should take less than 30 minutes, i'll just hang out until it's done.

afterwards i went to belmont to copy the latest episode of chernobyl on a flash drive for my father. i did a quick survey of the backyard, noticed that one of the smaller lupines had some leafs chewed off by a rabbit. so they're definitely still getting in some how. i think maybe they're baby rabbits, which are smaller and able squeeze through tiny cracks underneath the fencing.

i finally arrived at the cafe by noontime. some rain drops were already falling, but i had confidence in the forecast. my mother called me earlier this morning, asked me to go to the upstairs apartment and painted all the trim that the contractor failed to finish, because a new tenant was arriving this weekend, and she wanted time for the paint smell to clear out.