just when i thought my mysterious upstairs tenant wasn't home this weekend, i heard her in the kitchen upstairs around 7am, noisily closing cabinets and drawers and refrigerator door. it was so loud that it induced a subsequent dream where i was beating my fists against the walls yelling at her to stop but my hands had no power, like trying to thrash underwater. i take back what i said about her being the perfect upstairs neighbor, at least when it comes to her morning routines. thankfully she's just here for a month. i don't look forward to sharing the house in the summer with the couple with 2 kids.

i woke up at 8:30am to get ready for the annual spring cambridge ride. i took my trek allant, probably the only time out of the year where i ride it. i inflated both flat tires and wiped off the dust. i made it down to the cambridge public library where everyone was congregating before leaving at 9:30am.

i picked up some biking literature as well as a complimentary water bottle and some bike lights. honestly, i only went for the freebies. i should've gone home afterwards. instead i went along on the 13-mile bike ride, figured it'd be good exercise at least on this sunny spring day. temperature was in the 60's and i wore some jeans and a white polo shirt. the only person i knew there was renee.1

at the midway way we passed the cambridge-belmont line. so close were we to my parents' place i could almost see it. that would've been a good point to leave the convoy, but instead i continued riding, until we returned to the library by 12pm. there was a raffle and i wanted to see if i was lucky. i ended up not winning anyway, but i did go away after eating two pork vietnamese sandwiches and grabbing another water bottle for my mother. i don't think i'll be doing another one of these bike rides anytime soon.

after using the bathroom and taking a quick shower, i packed up my things and left for belmont via motorcycle, figuring i had enough of bicycling for the day. i was still hot and wore only my polo shirt, but packed a hooded sweatshirt in my backpack since it'd be cooler in the evening. i arrived a bit before 1pm.

i installed the handlebar clock onto my motorcycle, it was a perfect fit, looked like an original factory issued part. it seems secure enough, locked in place with a simple screw, but i'll keep an eye on it, whether it's to make sure the vibration won't loosen the clock or damage some internal clock mechanism.

i had some gardening projects but we never went out for supplies. instead my father and i pruned the quince bush and called it a day. supply run will have to wait until tomorrow.

hailey was home for most of the day, sleeping outside, occasionally in the sun, occasionally under the shade of the maple tree. my sister dropped by in the late afternoon to pick up her dog. she left with a bucket of ornamental grass for her garden.

i played for my mother the thriller greta. after dinner i introduced my parents to gentleman jack before returning home.

1 renee said she actually met my upstairs neighbor, but only briefly, not enough time to ask her what she was doing in cambridge. renee thinks she might be retired. i asked renee about her downstairs tenants, fishing for clues to see if they were leaving and if i'd have more new neighbors. she gave me some juicy gossip, said the married indian couple had split up briefly, but the wife had returned, and might decide to renew their lease for another year. i still haven't officially met them yet, although we've awkwardly waved to each other in passing a handful of times.