believe me, nobody really wants a white christmas. a blizzard on this day, with widespread traffic congestion, broken branches, downed power lines, black ice, and then then having to return to work the next day would not be a good thing. the idea of a snow-covered christmas landscape is only a romantic notion. what people really want at most is just a touch of white christmas. which was exactly what we got this morning, although most of it had melted as the day wore on.

if i thought the roads were sparse yesterday, today it was a ghost town. not a single car down the whole length of mass ave, a rare sight seen only on a few occasions.

i arrived in belmont with the leftover bisquick mix drew left behind. we made pancakes, although since we don't have much experience, some of the flapjacks were black on one side. we also didn't have any milk in the house so ended up using half and half mixed with equal portion water. pancakes are so delicious and easy to make, i'm surprised it's not on my breakfast menu more often.

twice my father had to go visit my grand uncle because he did something with the remotes and couldn't watch television anymore. the first time, he accidentally switched channels so it wasn't on 3 anymore. the second time, he couldn't figure out you had to click on the video source button twice to switch between cable and his chinese internet television channels.

after dinner, i made it home wearing my safety vest for the 3rd night in a row. i got everyone to come out of the house to check out the conjunction between the moon and jupiter. a bit further down was the star aldebaran in the taurus constellation.

after a shower, i spent the rest of the evening watching some downloaded movies, drinking my valerian root tea (good for sleeping).