i'm back in client R's good graces again after my successful delivery last night. just a bit more work today, receiving some new movies with sound effects, playing them with a mask (took my forever to figure out how to use a png file as a mask so i finally just drew the masking graphic by hand), and cutting the audio when exiting the frame.

i finally renewed some of my domains which will expire in a few weeks. unfortunately i use godaddy, which takes longer than normal to do anything because they keep on showing me pages of useless offers during the lengthy checkout process. i want to switch to a different domain registrar company but the bottomline is i still find godaddy to be the cheapest, despite the marketing hassles and the unethical nature of their corporate entity. even the cheapness isn't without hassle as i searched online for the right coupon code (cjc795dom). for domain renewals, the most inexpensive deal i found was $8.49/year. i ended up renewing all my domains, just so i won't have to think about it for another year.

i found out today that dylan dreyer has left the channel 7 WHDH weather department for greener pastures in new york city with NBC news, anchoring their weekend weather. i'm sort of not surprised, she's just too photogenic for such a small market like boston, but sad to see her gone.

the weather was just too nice to stay indoors today. had i planned ahead i would've gone out to do a bit of early autumn naturing. instead i biked to the cafe in the afternoon to pick up some extra meat buns. my mother was just about to bike back home when she saw that one of the legs of the rear rack was missing a screw. my father macgyver'ed a temporary fix by twisting a strand of wire through the screw hole with a pair of pliers.

i still wasn't entirely satisfied with just a short bike ride so i took the motorcycle to the assembly square mall around 3:30. it was close to rush hour so there was already some traffic congestion. i bought several packets of screws, washers, and nuts (some of which will be used to more permanently attached the rear rack on my mother's bike). the prices on these have gone up: a few months ago they were only 99¢ a bag; now they're $1.19.

a trip to assembly square mall isn't complete without a visit to ac moore. i called my mother to let her know what was on sale; i ended up getting her 3 balls of patons silk bamboo yarn in sapphire ($4.19/each).

drew came home around 6:30 and suggested ordering pizza for dinner. he's brought up this idea on many occasion; apparently it's a tradition he has with bruce back in pittsburgh and wants to start one here in cambridge. not knowing any pizza places around here, he let me pick. i am no pizza connoisseur by any means, so i went with the lowest common denominator of domino's, where the best thing about their pizzas is their online ordering system. we actually went down to davis square to pick it up, giving drew a chance to ride through davis square (i would've preferred walking, the square at night with all that traffic is not for the faint of heart). drew paid for the pizza (with a $50 bill which took the cashier a few moments transact) and i strapped it to the back of my bike with my bungie netting.

i noticed drew's new market basket canvas shopping bag. previously he was using an old neon green shaw's bag i had lying around, but now it looks like he's completely bought into the market basket experience (even i don't have one, and i shop there all the time).

in the evening, besides wrapping up a new delivery package for client R, i also had to do some work for client N, squashing some bugs for the interactives being installed down in alabama.