i didn't know where my roommate was but she was gone this morning by the time i woke up. after the unhindered use of the bathroom, i left around 10:30. i went supply shopping in everett/chelsea with my parents: target, bed bath & beyond, michael's, market basket, and finally the restaurant depot.

my mother once again enlisted our help in buying yarn, handing each person a $5 off coupon. the biggest score was finding some red heart boutique sashay yarn (similar to the elusive starbella; i could've sworn there were also some bernat twist & twirl). my father also got a crystal prism (as part of his prism craze).

this was my first visit to the chelsea market basket; it goes without saying that the place was crowded on the eve of the superbowl rematch between the patriots and the giants. the selection was amazing and my only regret is that it's not easier to get to. market basket is the cheapest supermarket in the area; my father was telling me a story of how a quincy restaurant owner would drive all the way north just to buy supplies from the somerville market basket. our final stop was the restaurant depot; this was my first time at their new (bigger) location.

back in belmont, i helped my father move 3 large travelling chests from the car into the basement. they belonged to my uncle pan and my father was holding onto to them for safe keeping. the 2 wooden boxes contain clothes while the metal one had books. they looked heavier than they actually were but we still used the hand truck to ferry the chests one by one to the basement.

dinner came in the form of buffalo wings, baked clams, and sauerkraut soup.

my roommate was still out when i returned home after dinner. she did come back when i was in the bathroom taking a shower. she told me she went with her chinese-canadian postgrad friend to the museum of fine arts then did some sightseeing around the faneuil hall/quincy market area. she even wandered to haymarket but didn't realize it at the time and didn't bother buying anything because she didn't want to carry it the rest of the way home. she told me tomorrow she's going to put down a deposit on the 3 bedroom apartment she saw yesterday. i told her maybe she should look some more since she still had the whole month, but she said the pickings were slim and she just wanted to secure a place and not have to bother thinking about it anymore.

in skyrim, i'm visiting the city of dawnstar. the townfolks have been plagued by nightmares so i helped erandur (a mara priest) in putting a stop to it at the nightcaller temple. next i visited the ice cave of yngvild and dispatched arondil the necromancer, who's been experimenting with the corpses of battlemaidens and milkmaids. my final quest brought me to mzinchaleft, another abandoned dwarven city, about to do some extensive exploring.