it rained in the every morning, enough so that cristina didn't take the bike to work. but by the time i woke up, the only evidence of rain was the wet roads and sidewalks, as it didn't rain again after that. i had a simple lunch of a greek yogurt cup. in the afternoon i snacked on some baguette and cheese; i've reached the point where i can't stand camembert anymore, it'll be a long time before i go back to bread and cheese.

i fired up my raspberry pi 3 first the first time in a long time, playing around with some tools and commands (ssh, modifying the BASH), getting ready to create the headless pi zero once the wifi dongle arrives tomorrow. i've realized the offbrand bluetooth keyboard i have is not very responsive and more often than not is either losing connection or repeating keys.

i put new silicone caulk around the spigot of the tub faucet. water's been leaking from the tub/shower toggle knob, and i was afraid it was somehow getting behind the spigot area. at some point i'll have to take apart the toggle knob and inspect the inside to find the source of the leak. but the tub could always use some new caulking. i'm still using that same tube of silicone after i learned online the little trick of cutting open the nozzle to dig out the hardened caulk then closing the nozzle back up again with tape. it saved me from having to throw away a perfectly good tube of caulk.

for dinner i used up the rest of my leftover chicken breakfast to make some chicken parmigiana. i made sure to pound the chicken as thin as possible before breading and frying. the result as better than last time, and i added some hot sauce to the sandwich as well for more of a kick.

cristina came home around 11pm. she said her boyfriend kiki put up some photos on his facebook page of his time spent in boston and she said she should've came with us because it was all places she hadn't visited (state house, custom house tower, mt.auburn cemetery tower). there's enough cool places around boston that i like to bring every person i take to a unique place i only share with them alone. that time i took out kiki, even i went to places that i've never been (custom house tower interior, house of representative chamber), so that was a good trip.




it happened this morning: i woke up with the tip of my nose feeling cold. autumn is finally upon us. there's no use in fighting the forces of planetary alignment and the change of season. less daylight, more darkness, the average temperature falls, everything gets cold. i'm not worried about myself, i have a high cold threshold; i'm more worried about cristina, can she handle the temperature drop?

i woke up at 7:40am but cristina had already left for work. her bedroom door was open and a dirty knife sat on the kitchen countertop. for lunch i heated up two slices of leftover pizza and made myself a kale-banana-almond milk smoothie. it suddenly dawned on me that now the weather has turned cold, i can once more begin drinking my assortment of hot teas.

today i went about acquiring the parts i need for an updatable LCD menu display my father was asking me about. it's pretty easy to do with a raspberry pi, but seems like a waste of a good equipment to do something so basic (better than what he was thinking before, which was to hook it up to one of our used PC's). but at the very least i needed an HDMI-to-VGA adapter, which i ordered off of ebay for $3.99. the one that i got is the traditional version, a small cable tethered to a dongle, but nowadays they come in micro versions (which cost more and i didn't really need a fancy one).

then while reading up on setting up a raspberry pi (rather outdated material for the pi 2 which doesn't come with wifi/bluetooth, unlike the pi 3 which is what i have), i got the idea of getting a USB wifi adapter so i could run my cheaper (99¢) raspberry pi zero in headless mode. so i ordered an adapter from amazon.com (edimax EW-7811Un $8.99). then i remembered the zero only has microUSB ports, so i needed an OTG cable to connect microUSB-to-USB. i had one but i remember my father was using it, so i bought another one off of ebay ($1.99, later i discovered i had another OTG cable in my cable box and i'd actually examined it earlier, not realizing what i had).

although i couldn't set everything up until all the parts arrive (hopefully the end of the week), i could at least prepare the microSDHC card. i had a spare 32GB card from my old panasonic lumix, already formatted to fat32, and downloaded them copied (using dd) the disk image onto the card. i can begin working as soon as the wifi adapter arrives, which will be on wednesday (via amazon's 2-day delivery).

cristina came home relatively early around 5:40pm. she left soon afterwards though, to go climbing at brooklyn boulders.

i didn't leave the house at all today, except in the evening after sunset to put the cover on the motorcycle in anticipation of the rain that will be here for the next few days. i was expecting it to be colder outside, but it was actually kind of balmy, despite what the temperature said.

for dinner i heated up the leftover piece of chicken parmigiana to make a sandwich.

cristina came home around 10pm. she brought her friend fabian, along with chinese food, and cases of beer and hard cider. they came home to watch the debate. i wonder who's idea was it though? i'm a little leery of fabian, he seems very touchy-feely with cristina, from the first time i saw him at the cambridge carnival, and now tonight. although he says he has a girlfriend (a chinese-swiss girl), my feeling is he has ulterior motives. fortunately he's leaving boston by the end of this week. anyway, i spent the night with one eye on the debate and one eye on my houseguests, afraid that they might spill their food (cristina with pho, fabian with fried rice). the downeast hard cider was okay, but it had a sour aftertaste and made my left upper molar hurt for some reason (for me woodchuck is still the best).

the debate itself was kind of boring, as most presidential debates are. i was tempted to skip the debate and just wait for the analysis afterwards with highlights, turning instead to the monday night football game on ESPN. it's hard to say who won. trump supporters will say he did, clinton supporters will say she did. i thought she was the more intelligent and prepared debater, had all her facts down, gave details, seemed more presidential. trump was just trump, perhaps more civilized than usual, which muzzled his normally disruptive powers.

the debate was over and we were heading into midnight, with no inkling that fabian was ready to leave. in fact, he invited cristina out for drinks. i actually went outside to put away the bicycle (because of the rain tomorrow). that sort of pushed it a little bit so by the time i got back inside the house, fabian was packing up his things and left soon afterwards.

i answered the knock on my door this morning: an amazon.com delivery. it was a flexible camera tripod that came with a camera-phone-gopro adapter and a bluetooth remote, all for just $4. i actually ordered it friday night and here it was getting delivered 2 days later. this is to replace my knockoff gorillapod that mary tried to flush down the toilet because she felt threatened by it. i still have pieces of that tripod, but the top half is missing so it's essentially useless. this one seems to work just as well with more adapter options.

i went to belmont around noontime and had two slices of leftover pizza for lunch. i then spent the day watching football games, redskins vs. giants, broncos vs. bengals. i had no stake in either games, but i was rooting against new york and denver, two perennial foes of new england, both going into sunday with 2-0 records. broncos won while the giants lost. sometime in the afternoon i went to go take a nap in my parents' bedroom.

after dinner i motorcycle back to cambridge. i paid extra special attention the road, trying to avoid any possible animal collision mishaps like last night. i made it back without any animal encounters. it was 55° outside and 69° inside the house. the indoor temperature has been steadily dropping over the weekend. i wonder how long i can hold out before i need to turn on the heater?

cristina still wasn't home (7:30pm). i went into the basement to bring out her bike but discovered the rear rack was loose again. i already tried fixing twice, this was the third time. i ended up using a special locking nut, hoping there's less chance of it slipping off from vibrations. it took a while to fix, in the dark, illuminated with my iphone flashlight. it also didn't help that i tightened the rack crooked, and had to release the nuts and readjusting everything again.

afterwards i used the bathroom and took a shower. cristina finally came home around 10pm, told me about their quebec city adventures. she bought a winter jacket for about 100 euros. they slept in the car the first night (friday), but it was so cold they booked an airbnb place for the second night. coming back, they visited a roadside barbecue joint in new hampshire and got some american-sized portions of ribs.

even though i could've slept in late, i still woke up relatively early around 8:30am. i was still feeling the residual effects of the upset stomach from yesterday. at one point somebody was ringing the doorbell when i was in the bathroom (i hate it when that happens), which turned out to be my neighbor renee (i hate that even more), who seemed to be ringing everyone in the neighborhood but nobody was answering (on a saturday morning? people have better things to do).

i went to belmont around noontime. the temperature was only in the 60's so i wore a hooded sweatshirt. i don't expect to see anymore 80 degrees day from now on. nobody was home so i occupied myself with some computer and cable. my parents came back around 1pm, after having gone to chinatown early this morning. my mother made some chicken noodle soup for lunch. while my father went to go take a nap in the bedroom, my mother was knitting in the living room while watching some spy thriller movie on netflix. i fell asleep on the couch for about an hour, waking up to a stiff body.

my mother didn't want to cook so we ended up ordering pizza instead. there was a buy one get one free deal all this week at domino's, so we went with the two specialty pizzas we had last time: extravaganzza feast and spinach & feta. we also ordered a side of 8-piece sweet habanero wings. i wasn't feeling particularly hungry, and my stomach was still a little sensitive from whatever the hell i ate from the past 2 days. i only had 2 slices of pizza and one wing. the extravaganzza was off too, missing the fresh green peppers from last time. both pizzas also tasted saltier than i remembered.

feeling stuffed, i returned home. i almost didn't make it, because wild animals kept running across my motorcycle. leaving my parents' place, a rabbit jumped across my path by the park. on observatory hill a rabbit once again ran in front of me. finally, on huron avenue, a large yellow dog came out of nowhere, crossing the street. i had to emergency brake, and if i didn't keep my bike leveled, i could've easily wiped out on the road. i came within 2 yards of hitting the dog, and watched as it quickly ran to the other side, as if it was just as surprised to see me. later i wondered if it could've been a coyote, although i think i would've noticed the difference between that and a dog. but why was a large dog wandering the streets in the evening? i'm just lucky neither one of was were injured.

i took a hot bath when i got home, reading the latest issue of smithsonian (the one with the return of the great american jaguar cover story).

i woke up at 8am to see cristina and kiki off. they were heading to logan airport to rent a car and drive up to quebec city for the weekend. because kiki is returning the car on sunday and leaving for spain straight from the airport, this morning was the last time i'd see him. both he and cristina dragged a small travel suitcase with them. they have an unusual plan where they will rent a large car and sleep in it to save money. this is a terrible idea because most cities don't allow this practice, and the night time temperature in quebec is around 40°F so they risk freezing to death. but who am i to criticize their sense of adventure?

it takes 6 hours to drive to quebec city, and they left for the airport sometime after 9am. at that rate they won't arrive at their northern destination until after 4pm at the earliest. they had a very ambition itinerary, including possible stops in the white mountains and maybe a quick visit of montreal on the way back. kiki actually told me that he worked for 5 months in toronto, so he's somewhat familiar with canada, although quebec will be quite different (fortunately cristina speaks french).

with them gone i had the whole place to myself again for the weekend. that was quite fortunate because for some reason i got a case of the runs today, going to the bathroom noisily nearly every hour. not sure what i what ate, maybe the cheese i had yesterday, or possibly the honey barbecue wings. i went out just once in the afternoon to move all the bikes into the basement and to cover up my motorcycle in anticipation of the rain that would arrive in the evening.

i took a nap on the sofa around 4:30pm, waking up sometime after 8pm in the dark. i haven't slept well this week, going to bed late but waking up early. i'll use this weekend to catch up on some sleep.

even though i wasn't particularly hungry, i had some chicken breasts i bought yesterday that had get used, so i put half away in the freezer while the other half i turned into cutlets for a chicken parmigiana sandwich. i pounded the chicken with a mallet but i think they were still too thick so they took a long time to fry, and even longer to eat. i had some stale bread crumbs but i decided to make my own with a leftover dried baguette in the ninja food prep blender. the sandwich was okay, but like i said, the chicken was too thick, and the breaded layer ended up being a little too soggy (from the olive oil i was frying everything in).

i went to my community garden plot in the morning to harvest my thai basil plant for my mother, who needed it for something she was cooking. as it's already late in the season and i don't think the basil will be doing very much growing, i decided to pull up the whole plant. unfortunately because it was growing behind a large tomato plant, it didn't get much sun, and there weren't that many leaves. of the leaves that were there were young tender ones. i also collected a quart of cherry tomatoes.

i dropped it off at the cafe (traveling via motorcycle) and picked up 3 tea eggs for my trouble before returning home. by that point - close to noontime - kiki was finally awake. i asked him what he was up to today, he said he had some work to do, and then he was supposed to meet cristina at kendall square at 4:30pm to go kayaking/boating.

i did my own thing, went to market basket to get some groceries, then was in the backyard trying to fix the red schwinn. the rear wheel has a habit of rubbing up against the fender. originally i thought it was just the sides of rubber tire, but turns out it was rubbing up against a nut holding the chrome fender in place. to fix that, i needed to adjust the position of the fender, and the only way to get to that nut was to remove the rear wheel. unfortunately i couldn't take it off, and gave up after a few unsuccessful attempts, reassembling the bike and putting it back in the basement.

around 2:30pm kiki was getting ready to go outside. he wanted to pick up some snacks for their boating trip, and maybe just hang out around the kendall area. i told him if he was interested, i could take him to a secret place to get a 360° panoramic view of boston and the surrounding area. this place was the mt.auburn cemetery tower, and this was my plan all along, before kiki told me had to work. we had 2 hours, which was just enough time to go to mt.auburn cemetery (15 minutes to bike there, another 15 minutes to walk up to the tower), visit a supermarket, and get to kendall square.

it was a beautiful day, temperature in the low 80's, dry, with a blue sky overhead. we biked down brattle street so he could see some of the most historical and expensive mansions in cambridge. when we finally climbed the tower, he seemed pleased with the view. he was surprised this place wasn't mentioned in any of online places he visited about boston. mt.auburn cemetery isn't a big tourist attraction, and tourists who do go there are most likely taken there by locals. i think i only ever brought one other roommate (kazakh) here to mt.auburn cemetery.

leaving the cemetery, we had about 45 minutes left. i ended up taking kiki along the charles river to trader joe's, where we both did some shopping. i got some spicy mango strips and a small baguette. we parted ways there, he continued along the river to kendall square, i went down putnam street back home.

i came home soaked in sweat and went to go take a shower. afterwards i weighed myself: 138.8 lbs. that's probably the lightest i've been in nearly a decade. it's not my real weight though, because my body was so dehydrated from sweating so much. when i came back from southwestern china in 2006, i weighted 135. and after 4 months backpacking in southeast asia, i weighed 125 lbs. now that the weather will be getting colder as we head into winter, i don't expect to see anymore weight loss. typically during the colder months i put on a little bit of weight.

around 8pm i heated up the honey barbecue chicken wings i bought earlier. by 8:30pm they were ready, just in time for the main event of the day, a thursday night football game between the houston texans and the new england patriots. what was special about this game was our rookie backup backup quarterback jacoby brissett was starting, with garoppolo still recovering from his shoulder injury and brady still serving out his 4 game suspension. i went into the game with some worries, but once the game started, it soon became evident that the patriots had the game firmly in control. brissett even ran a 27-yard touchdown. by the second half, i only half-heartedly watched the game which surfing the web. the final score was 27-0, houston was completely shut out. the best part was being able to embarrass texans qb brock osweiler, whom new england fans still remember for beating the patriots last year in the regular season, causing new england to lose home field advantage.

cristina and kiki came home around 10:30pm. instead of kayaking, they rented a boat ($20/hour), and cristina's belgium friend tagged along as well (3rd wheel). cristina and kiki ended up doing most of the rowing. they went to the little islands on the charles by the community boat house, then went back the other way to the locks by the museum of science. afterwards they biked to mission hill to have dinner before coming home.

i woke up around 9:20am thinking kiki was in the bathroom because the door was closed. turns out he was just in his bedroom, with the door slightly open. while i was using the bathroom he ate breakfast, then after i finished he took a shower. we left by around 10am. we got as far as a block before we noticed there was something wrong with his bike: the wheel was rubbing up against the fender, and no amount of adjusting could fix it. so we went back to the house and exchanged the red schwinn with the ross eurosport i'd fixed up yesterday.

i spent late last night in bed plotting out a route in google maps. we would go by cambridge city hall and MIT before riding along the charles river to longfellow bridge, go down charles street, and up the hill to visit the state house and granary burial ground. from there we'd visit the quincy market area, then take the greenway to chinatown where we'd have a late lunch. from there we'd get on the southwest corridor and i'd drop him off at the MFA so he can wait for cristina to get out from work nearby. as for me, i was planning on going directly to parents' place afterwards, going up through coolidge corner and allston center, and coming out at the watertown home depot to belmont. the whole route would be 16 miles. it would be a long day.

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i was surprised to find out that cristina and kiki had not left by the time i woke up at 9am. in fact, they were still in their room sleeping. weren't they supposed to go to some mechanotherapeutics symposium at the wyss institute? as i was reading about the breakup of the ultimate power couple brad pitt and angelina jolie, they finally got up. a quick shower, a quick breakfast, they were gone by 10am, taking the bicycles i'd prepared for them last night.

for lunch i was going to cook up some oatmeal but found some old kielbasa i decided to heat up in the toaster oven paired with an english muffin. i then spent the afternoon trying to fix the stuck chain on the ross bike. at first i thought i could somehow loosen the links, but there were just too many that were stuck together, i decided in the end to simply replace it. however, during my last round of housecleaning back before cristina's arrival, i put the new bike chains somewhere and couldn't find them.

i then spent the next 2 hours emptying out my hallway closet, trying to find the missing chains. just when i decided to give up, i finally found them, right before my eyes, mixed in with some camera equipment. it wasn't all for naught however, i did consolidate some boxes (one large box and 3 shoeboxes) so now there's more room in the closet. i'm getting quite good at cleaning, which means i'm good at throwing things away. things that i find that i won't ever use, i'm pretty good about tossing them. nevertheless, the closet could do with another round of cleaning. there's probably a box of old magazines that could be tossed out.

back in my early days of renewed biking interest, i'd acquired the ross eurosport (august 2011). that was the very first bike i ever bought on craig's list, i think i only spent $20 on it. i thought it was a great bike and rode it as much as i could, before i got my hands on other bikes and the ross sort of got abandoned in the basement for several reasons: i was never completely comfortable with the dropdown handlebars (made navigation a bit trickier compared to traditional wide-set handlebars) and the steel frame made it a heavy bike. but before relegating the ross to the bicycle dustheap, i'd done some customization: toeclips on the pedals and a pair of collapsible rear baskets (one of them lost when it fell off the bike because i was only used plastic zip ties at the time).

i've replaced enough bike chains at this point that it's pretty routine, and one of the easier repairs to make on a bike. i used a missing link segment to attach the chain together in case if i ever wanted to easily take off the chain (for cleaning or repair). the hardest part is making sure the chain is of the correct length, and i did that by using the old chain as a measure. the old chain wasn't in too bad a shape despite rusting shut: there was hardly any lengthening when i laid it parallel with the new chain (compared that with my trek utility bike chain when i replaced it back in july, the old chain had lengthened to nearly a full link of extra slack).

once the new chain was up, i attached a spare rear light bracket i bought a long time ago but never got around to installing. it just required an 8mm combination wrench to tighten the nut. finally, i attached a second collapsible rear basket to replace the one that'd fallen off and gone missing. the ones that i had was a pair, and i didn't want to break apart the set, but it was a waste not using it and having them just sit in my closet. if i ever need to install a pair again, i'll just buy another one online. and actually, i also have a set of black collapsible baskets as well, so there really wasn't any good excuse to not install it. i ended up using 4 small stainless steel hose clamps to attach the basket (3 on top, 1 on the bottom). they look good, maybe the ross can be my fast grocery bike for those times when i don't feel like riding the slow and heavy trek utility bike.

while the bike was out, i ended up doing some photo experiments, playing around with the brenizer effect of shooting a large aperture wide angle photo using photostitching software. the technique is so simple, not sure why i never bothered trying it out before. for my first composition, i used 41 photos. as you can see, the stitching isn't entirely seamless, and i think that's because i moved the camera too much instead of trying to keep it at a single pivot point.

for my second attempt i got closer to the bike and took even more photos, 49 used in the composition, but 11 more that i didn't use because of excessive overlaps. photoshop wouldn't even blend the final result for me, i had to select all 49 layers and and do an auto-blend. like the first attempt, this one also didn't seamlessly blend the photos and there are obvious distortions.

my final attempt was to use the 11 remainder photos and do a photomerge with them. the result was better but it still messed up the front wheel and cropped out a letter from the "ross" on the frame.

for a late afternoon snack i toasted some stale baguette and ate them with some camembert cheese. the soft cheese didn't go very well with the hard toast, so i ended up slathering some grape jelly on them instead. for dinner i heated up a can of campbell gumbo soup.

cristina and kiki returned home around 10pm. they were at the symposium until 6pm (where they had free lunch and dinner) before visiting copley square with some of her friends (whom were riding hubway bikes). they finally got a chance to see the old/original wing of the boston public library.

kiki is free tomorrow so i will take him to chinatown. it's a shame that he couldn't go today because i was free all day. tomorrow i will have to leave boston by mid-afternoon, so kiki will have to fend for himself until cristina gets off from work. she had a lot of activities in mind but didn't plan well enough. one idea was to go to the patriots game on thursday, but that was before they found out tickets cost $100 minimum. then she wanted to go kayaking on the charles river, but she can't get out of work until 5:30pm and the nearest kayak place in kendall square closes at 6pm (also because of algae bloom, the kendall square boat launch is temporarily closed anyway). there's the duck boat with the latest tour at 6pm, but i don't think they want to spend $35/person for 80 minutes of sightseeing they can do on their own.

while cristina left for work this morning, her boyfriend kiki continued to sleep. i woke up for my routine bathroom and shower, but noticed the bathtub drain was especially clogged (standing in a pool of water), even after i plunged it yesterday. i gave it another plunge and tried to clear it up with a plastic snake tool, but it didn't seem to be doing any better, so i decided to get some liquid drain cleaner.

it was actually raining today, a slow and steady rain not much seen in these here parts for a while now. during a brief morning lull, i went across the street to star market to get some drain cleaner. there was a slow-acting foam cleaner and a quicker 7-minute industrial strength cleaner. i went with the quicker one, and poured it all down the drain when i returned home, making sure now to get any on myself, heeding the label warning that it can burn flesh. it came out in a slightly viscous liquid that poured out from two compartments into one. there was no unpleasant smell to it.

the drain cleaner instruction said to wait 7-minutes (15-minutes for a slow draining drain), but i waited almost a whole hour. instruction said to flush with hot water, but fearing that the faucet hot water wasn't hot enough, i boiled a kettle of water to pour down the drain instead. and that was it, problem solved, drain draining back to normal. i still feel there's some obstruction in the pipe (my money is on a detached drain plug) but drains normally get plugged every once in a while, so if everything is working again, no reason to try get to the bottom of the problem.

kiki finally woke up after 1pm. we chatted in the living room, comparing the difference between living in mexico and spain. while kiki was preparing lunch, my father came by to pick me up (because it was raining); a fawcett oil company repair person was coming to my parents' house around 2-4pm to clean the heating oil tank so someone needed to be home. before i left, i told kiki if he wasn't doing anything tomorrow (during the daytime), i could take him on a tour of boston. he seemed to like the idea, and particularly wanted to visit chinatown. we decided to exchange contact information in case there was an emergency in the house. i was expecting him to give me his whatsapp number but he instead asked if i had chinese wechat and we exchanged wechat numbers instead (he has wechat because of his china business dealings).

my father stopped by the cafe first to pick up my mother as well, before he found out that 3pm appointment he had a visiting caregiver for my grand uncle had been cancelled, so my father could go home after all.

it was a balmy rain event, with temperature in the 80's and high humidity. it was uncomfortable enough that my mother turned on the air conditioner. when it gets humid like this the house begins to stink of dog, which got me to doing some vacuuming to clean up all the dog dander. it smelled worse at first (the vacuum kicking up more dog smell from the carpets) but once i was finished, the house didn't smell as bad anymore.

even though the fawcett oil repair person was supposed to come between 2-4pm, he actually came early at 1:30pm (without calling) and left a note in the mailbox. i called fawcett to reschedule, and they managed to resend the guy back to the house. when he arrived, he only did a very quick inspection, even though my father was expecting a tune-up. "call the company to schedule a tune-up," was the repairman's response. so i called up fawcett again, and the woman told me it was supposed to be a tune-up appointment, and she called the repairman, who came back a third time. if this is the way they do customer service, i'm kind of leary of using them as a heating oil company (even though we used them last winter and their prices are pretty good).

after dinner i got a ride back to cambridge. the rain had stopped but it was still humid outside, enough so that exiting from the air conditioned car made my glasses fog up. my father and i first went to market basket to pick up a few things. we were maybe expecting an uncrowded store but it was the exact opposite, as night time (maybe particularly monday night) is a busy shopping time for people coming back from work. it was insanely crowded, like weekend crowded. afterwards i got dropped off near my house and walked the short distance home.

cristina and kiki didn't come home until around 10pm. she asked if they could borrow another bicycle because they were planning on attending a lecture in longwoods tomorrow. the bicycle i had in mind (the ross) had some stuck links in the chain that needed to be loosened up. they said it was okay, that they would take public transportation instead, but later i went down to the basement to see if i could fix the links. turns out they're stuck in more places that i expected, and i couldn't loosen any of them, which might mean i have to just replace the entire chain. but i forgot that i have many other bicycles beside the ross. there's the old red schwinn with the front and rear baskets. there's a trek mountain bike. by that point cristina and kiki had come downstairs to see what was going on. we decided that kiki can ride the red schwinn. i pumped up the tires, oiled the chain, then adjusted the rear wheel so it didn't rub up against the chrome fender.

that meant kiki would be spending the day with cristina instead of going on a tour of boston with me. i'm fine with his decision (he only has a week in boston, and he did come here to be with his girlfriend), but i was kind of looking forward to doing some shopping in chinatown. maybe he's free on wednesday or thursday afternoon, but on those days i like to get dinner at my parents so i won't have the whole day to spend.